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Partner: The End? [spoilers]

August 15, 2009


The finale of KBS2’s Partner was divided into 2 parts, where our protagonist Tae Jo was on trial for the murder of his old friend Woo Shik. I actually liked the last case, even though I’d rather had Eun Ho and Tae Jo working together instead of one defending the other. Still, I feel this ending was rather lacking something.. Proper closure maybe?

And I don’t mean closure in the form of a kiss. Even though I like on-screen kisses,those displayed in Kdrama are usually flat and awkward. That is, unless it’s a player kissing a skanky girl, then they pump up the passion. But if it’s between the leads, it’s like they’re still in elementary school: Afraid they’ll catch each others cooties, but doing it anyway.. Ok not the point here. I really liked how they ran off holding hands. It was cute.

What peeved me was the way the case ended so abruptly and how they brought on the revelation. I don’t know, I was expecting something jawdropping, like some intricate plan by Tae Jo and grandpa to expose them through the murder trial, but it was all so very simple. I guess I was expecting too much from a drama where most of the cases were won by lack of evidence, an awkward confession by the culprit or by a very roundabout scheme from Hae Yoon. So at the end I was like: this was it? Somehow, I feel cheated.

The wrap up of everything was so quick it was over before I would say: WTF? What happens to Jae Dong and his illness? Where is attorney Han going? What will happen to Tae Jo’s hyung? Will Hae Yoon and Jin Sung ever get what they deserve? Will Soon Yi and attorney Yoon get together? I don’t dislike open endings, but here there were just too many things left unfinished for me to feel truly fulfilled. Here, I think one extra ep, or at least ten more minutes wouldn’t have been a bad option. Cos now I have this feeling of, what happens now? Knowing there probably won’t be a 2nd season.. Hmmm..

And knowing this will probably be Lee Dong Wook’s last project (apart from the movie Bean Paste I guess) before his military service, makes me even more depressed.