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Story of a Man – Likes and dislikes

August 14, 2009

Story of a man is definitely one of the better Kdramas this year. That’s why I’ve decided to make a short list of the pros and cons of this intriguing drama.

Characters – This drama holds a list of great characters, ranging from angelic to demonic. In the beginning my definite fave was Chae Do Woo, the show’s resident psychopath. The hand movements, the way he talked.. whoa. Too cool for school. Kim Kang Woo is now definitely one of my favorite actors. However, at around ep 13 or so I went over to the Kim Shin side.. Cool, funny, brave. What can one want more in a man? He really doesn’t deserve the suckfest of a life he has, but’s only fiction, right? Kyung Tae was another awesome character. Park Ki Woong was really great playing somebody with autism. Furthermore, I loved his clothing style and headphones. In fact, I actually bought the white with gold one from WESC. Fangirl much? Also, I liked the females. None of them were the stereotyped damsel in distress and were more self-asserted than one usually sees in Kdramas. Even though Kyung Ah went down the wrong path, her strength was admirable. All characters were cool in their own way and I never became frustrated watching any of them.

Storyline – All the interactions between the good guys (especially between Shin and Jae Myung) were so much fun that even though it’s a pretty depressing story, it never felt too heavy. There is a bright side to everything, like friendship and new love. The financial plots were okay as well. Not too difficult nor too simplified. As most of the watchers are probably laymen when it comes to economics, business and politics, you can’t make things too complicated, but when they oversimplify it (like in some other shows I’ve been watching recently) it feels insulting. Though there might have been plotholes, I wasn’t bothered by anything in the story (except the DID part, see below). The story was interesting, funny and sad and really gave me a lot to think about.

Mental Issues/Taboos – As a clinical psychology student I was glad to see the involvement of mental disorders in a few of the characters as psychopathy, autism, dementia. Usually we don’t get to see much of people’s mental issues in drama’s, so it’s nice we get to see some examples here. After all, a lot of people in societies all over the world are struggling with a mental disorder. Another thing (though not a disorder, don’t get me wrong) is the hinted homosexuality of K. It’s definitely time to have more gay characters in dramaland (and not just in movies), after all they exist in society, they have a right to be represented in a realistic manner (so I don’t mean a one dimensional stereotypical image) and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Music – This drama has an awesome OST, and it it’s used well in the drama. The song of JK Kim Dong Wook – 이별은 거꾸로 흐른다 is my favorite, yeah I’m a sucker for dramatic songs. The song that I loved most however was played in ep 17, when Eun Soo and Do Woo were dining. Being a fan of opera it didn’t take me that long to figure out that this was a new rendition of Sull’aria from Nozze di Figaro and I have to say…wow. If anyone knows who made this version, please let me know.

Here’s the song in question.

Dunny T-shirts – okay this is a little dumb, but I love Kyung-Tae’s dunny t-shirts. I’m actually a sporadic collector of designer toys and have some dunnies at home, so I was like ‘cool!’when I saw the shirt (and want one for myself).


The multiple personality card – Please, haven’t you people seen Primal Fear? Pleading insanity with that diagnosis is highly questionable. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) has been difficult enough to prove already, but we don’t even get to see signs of different personalities in Do Woo before ep 20. So boo to the psychological assessors and Korean justice system for believing him so easily. I mean, with some practice I could also invent a few identities. Pffshh..

Romance – For a drama that was supposed to be an action and romance drama, it was severely lacking in romance. Not that it made me dislike the drama in any way, but I was just disappointed Kim Shin’s and Eun Soo’s budding relationship had to end in such a manner. Even if it was the only way to stop all the madness.
I was happy to see all the little hints of ahjumma/sister-in-law(hyung-soo) and mafia lackey Jung Ho though. It was nice that they were (sorta) together in the end.


All in all, it was a very good drama and it’s a shame it took me so long to finish it, but well..