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The Evil Army

August 20, 2009

What’s the use of radio braodcasting Gong Yoo-sshi? We can’t see you!
(credit: dramabeans?)

Boooh!!! Boo to the stupid military service in Korea taking all our smexy men. If waiting for Gong Yoo hasn’t been enough, now Lee Dong Wook is also taken from us. Our Wookie gone for two yrs. People like that shouldn’t be kept from the entertainment industry for so long. As stated by dramabeans, he will be enlisting on August 24th. Bring on the tissues.

Cut my beautiful hair? I’d rather die!

And what about Jae Hee, Eric, Kim Rae Won, Lee Dong Gun (okay I don’t think he’s gone yet..but he will be soon), Lee Jin Wook, Jo In Sung etc etc etc.. It’s just not fair. As much as I love the young generation, doing 2 years without the late 20s/early 30s generation breaks my heart. And worse of all, the hair..the beautiful hair!

I’m not totally sure what the army service is actually good for for the stars, most of them end up in the entertainment division anyway. Well on the upside, it will be great for their muscle tone. Not that many of them need that -_-