I’m back!

Not that anyone really cares, BUT I will make damn sure somebody will care from now on 🙂 This blog is not just about Asian drama anymore, but will be about all my obsessions in fiction, and boy do I have a few. Expect to see some Glee, Vampire Diaries, Skins and a whole lot of YA lit.

Here’s a song to celebrate ^.^

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One Comment on “I’m back!”

  1. Kisielek Says:

    You know I was in http://soeul.tsuyamono.net/fanfic/ webside and find your stories. They have very interesting summary, but… I can’t read a lot of them, (e.g. While you were away) because they have rating NC-17. I can’t registed on this webside, because sing uping is closed and I can’t read it… And I can’t reviev them too. Can I do it hire? And can you make a vialable for me somehow?

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