Kdrama: Fall Season

Honestly, I haven’t really been seeing a kdrama lately that spoke to me like Brilliant Legacy or Story of a Man did. Swallow the Sun is one big mess and I didn’t even bother to start watching Take care of lady. I like Yoon Eun Hye, I like Jung Il Woo, I like Moon Chae Won but reading dramabeans’ recaps didn’t make me very enthusiastic. But these past few weeks have seen the start of some potentially awesome drama:


Smile, you: The story is cliché but funny, the casting is great for the characters who are all spunky and fun in their own way. Honestly, watching the crazy bride cry on the road, the stalkerish male lead all over the bitchy sister of the bride and ahjusshi’s singing I don’t care e e e e e e is just awesome!! 50 eps is a lot though..


You’re beautiful: Omo, the title is so cheesy…and the drama has a lot of cheese as well. But this has the potential to be a very good and hilarious cheese. Judging by ep1 and 2 (especially ep 2) this drama will use all the cliché’s the right way. I’m definitely not rooting for the second lead. I like my men bad and disturbed, even though Geun Seok’s hair is AWFUL! XD Park Shin Hye is just the cutest little angel. Do you like random jokes. Be sure to watch!


Loving you a thousand times: Well it could be nice, in a melodrama way. The whole surrogate thing is very intriguing. If the acting of the main guy improves. He’s hella hot though and that makes up for a lot! I’m a bit behind on this one so I’m not sure if I can sit through 50+ eps.

Any other dramas to recommend? Please don’t say IRIS, I don’t think I will jump on that wagon. Assorted gems? Creating destiny? Or maybe watch an old drama

(Picture Credit: SBS/VIIKII/SOOMPI)

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4 Comments on “Kdrama: Fall Season”

  1. cyrina116 Says:

    I was clicking through wordpress and saw your blog, really nice! If you’re looking for a good Kdrama, you might want to try “200 pounds of Beauty” if you haven’t seen it already. ^_^

  2. fauvish Says:

    Thanks for your comment ^.^ Actually I’ve seen that movie. It was pretty fun.

  3. mayadee Says:

    hey Fauve. it’s me? remember? you’re Loveless’ fan. LOL. so you’re apparently an asian dramas addict like me. 🙂
    I wonder whether you’re interested in doing a recap for k drama winter season? I’d say Chuno. 🙂

    • fauvish Says:

      Hey Mayadee! Of course I know you haha.. Oh man, i’ve been neglecting this blog for so long. I’m not sure i will do recaps for a particular drama, but maybe I’ll write about the winter season dramas ^^.

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