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Orthros no Inu

September 4, 2009

Catching up to orthros no inu, and now at ep 3. I’ve been on a serious drama streak for the past few weeks, excluding Buzzer Beat of course, and this fits that criteria precisely. But maybe it fits it a bit too much.

There are a lot of things to like about this show. I mean, the concept is awesome and it really makes you think on matters of life and death. We get to see that the angel hand is not necessarily the one that gives life, nor that the hand of death is the hand of the devil. Rather it is about the person who wields it.

And of course, this drama offers us some nice actors from the Johnny’s Entertainment stall, including my fave Nishikido Ryo. Though he sort of plays a softy here (Aoi Ryo) who’s easily manipulated by Ryuzaki, played by Takky, I can’t wait to see him get stronger and more confident of his own skills. I love his face, because there is this dark and broody factor to him. But once he smiles, his face lights up. When it comes to expressions, I prefer him over Yamashita Tomohisa.

This is also my first time seeing Takky playing in a drama. I like how he portrays Ryuzaki, who is both a baddy and sexy. Plus, he gets the best oneliners and monologues. His talk about only being able to heal what is covered by health care insurance cracked me up. And it’s a bit sad he can’t heal himself. I think the same goes for Ryosuke. Bye bye, easy way of suicide.

Sadly, I am worried this drama takes itself maybe a bit too seriously and it’s in the danger zone of being pretentious. The life and death issue is an important matter, but you don’t have to ram it through our throats. There is such a thing as enjoyment. I think this show could do with a little more humor and more everyday conversation. Because, even if this show is about life and death, the vibe shouldn’t only be dark. There’s fun to be found in everything.

The female part by Mizukawa Asami isn’t very noteworthy. She’s the standard cop who’s juggling all her responsibilities and fighting some sort of attraction for Ryuzaki. Her action of leeting go of the drug dealing Johhny boy may help her out in the short run, but seriously… she should know better. I hope they give her a bit more rationality, because she feels like a puppet and not a very strong one. But we’ll see. She might grow on me.

The story isn’t the most original. We’ve seen all the psychological cat and mouse tricks before, but if it’s done well I don’t feel it’s a big problem. Originality isn’t the most common thing in dramaland anyway, though I do think Jdorama’s usually have more original concepts than kdrama do. Probably because cliché plots (love triangle, disease, revenge, sageuk) are what attract the viewers. Most shows trying to do something innovative don’t frequently get the ratings (like Tamra, Triple, Soul Mate etc) they sometimes should have. What I mean to say with this is that I appreciate Jdorama for its attempts at new plotlines (and not always going for big stories), but I’m not sure Orthros is going to be one of them. Hopefully Ryo can keep me from bailing out.