The CUTE in Buzzer Beat: Ep 6


I’m really liking Buzzer Beat. It’s just such relaxed lighthearted fluff. The acting is decent, it’s realistic and has some funny conversations. It’s just the thing to watch on a rainy day, or when it’s too hot to go outside. This Tuesday’s ep was especially nice, with a LOT of cuteness. Though we saw little Yamapi camwhoring this time(a phrase I picked up at crunchyroll), unless you’re a foot fetishist. This is by no means a recap. Just the things in this ep that stuck with me.

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Episode 6 starts out cute, with our meant-to-be couple continuing their hug and even with Riko falling on top of Naoki (Ooh ah Johnny boy in such a provocative pose, is that even allowed?). She’s really proactive eh? Something we’ll see later on as well. Good for her! If you give Naoki the controls I doubt anything will ever happen, being as passive as he is. I don’t dislike him though, he is kind (something he hates), but he isn’t weak. He’s not the type to fight with people, but to hear them out and really listen. In fact, all the characters in the show feel realistic to me (except that most of them are too attractive). The relationships and conversations as well and that’s what’s drawing me in.


I have this feeling Naoki might be going back to Natsuki in the next few eps (or consider it), but I’m not sure. At least I feel Natsuki is going to work hard to get him back. I like how Natsuki is presented in the drama. It doesn’t hurt that Saki is especially pretty in this drama. She’s a bad girl and has done some wrong things, but now she has come to appreciate what she had. Having a bad boy as a boyfriend wasn’t all what she had expected it to be. Being ordered around by him and having to touch his clammy hair..yuck. I feel a dumpfest coming up. Watching her game by herself was sort of sad. You can say she deserved it, but it doesn’t mean it’s not hard on her. And it’s sad. Somehow I think she might end up with Utsunomiya, since he seems to like her, even if he says he’s over it. And he’s a nice guy like Naoki and maybe a bit more proactive, so it could work out, right?


Meanwhile Kawasaki coach just can’t seem to let go of Riko and threads into clingy waters with his “I believe you Naoki” speech. For me, his affection for Riko went a bit fast, making it a bit hard for me to understand why a ladies man got so infatuated with a girl that didn’t even show that much interest..wait that might just be it. He’s so used to girls fawning over him, this distant “playing hard to get” kind of girl draws him immediatly. Still, when he introduces her to his parents it’s just too much. She just dumped you man, have some self respect. Besides, the only person who can make Riko happy is Riko herself. It’s not something you can make happen if she doesn’t love you. So just let her go. But ok, this is a drama.. I guess he’s not going to let go anytime soon.


Shuuji and Mai are cuteness in a small package. They fit so well together, but don’t realize it. I love their dynamic, since Mai is obviously the dominant one and he seems like the type that doesn’t mind to be pussywhipped. So I think they could work out fine. I can totally imagine them 40 years later with Mai nagging at him to take out the garbage while he says “yes dear.” Mai is an awesome character anyway, I like everything about her except for the bun, but maybe it’ll grow on me.. or float away like the balloon it’s reminding me of.


Mai and Riko are too funny when they are together, I really liked their relationship/boys conversation. In a lot of drama’s it’s usually that the friend is just a prop, one to give advice to the lead in times of trouble. But here Mai has her own life, own relationship issues and she can also talk about it with Riko. It’s not just a one way relationship of one friend always heaping shit onto the other or having to listen to all their troubles. You know they have each others back and that’s cool.



Back to Riko and Naoki. I love their interactions. They encourage each other, laugh together and look good together as well. Though I feel they lack some primal/sexual attraction towards each other, their chemistry while interacting is pretty good. The last scene in the courtyard is really nice, with the random conversation about new skin and then the confession. Yeah Yamapi, why go back to being friends? You’re perfect for each other. Ok, so there’s the coach and the fact that you’ve just broken up with your girlfriend. You can still try to make things work out. Don’t give up now! Errr, well since we’ve still got enough eps to go, and a few conflicts to be resolved before that, just sit back and relax.


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2 Comments on “The CUTE in Buzzer Beat: Ep 6”

  1. Ninja Kil Says:

    Awww this drama sounds so cute! Maybe I should watch this and end my Japanese drama drought of 2 years…. XD

  2. me Says:

    I love buzzer beat too… “In fact, all the characters in the show feel realistic to me” –> That also is one of the reason ^^
    Episode 7 is really my favourite!

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